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Reservoir creates or augments training exercises of all sizes and training focus. Support can be as simple as the provision of training facilitators/actors or as complex as exercise management involving multiple organizations and hundreds of participants. Reservoir specializes in bringing training to life by carefully linking a given scenario with activity on the ground. This comprehensive approach enables intensive training for all personnel and staff levels. Reservoir personnel are chosen based on expertise in a given field and experience at managing complex exercises.

Reservoir provides all support mechanisms and ensures an environment of immersive realism.


TRAINING FOR THE FUTURE: We continuously enhance our programs with current data, relevant methodology, and the best qualified employees at all levels. By focusing on the details of providing superior training and support mechanisms, Reservoir frees its clients to focus on the mission.

Our training philosophy for formal instruction is holistic; to provide clear and pertinent classroom instruction, the utilization of maximum hands-on practical exercises, and detailed evaluations that lead directly to improved performance.

FORMAL COURSES & TRAINING: For both new and existing Programs of Instruction (POI), Reservoir employs experienced instructors that meet all qualification requirements and the company’s high standards of professionalism.

Reservoir develops original POIs crafted to our clients specifications or we provide instructor/trainers to support an existing curriculum. Our training courses involve a wide range of subjects and can be tailor-made to client specifications while meeting all performance standards and training goals.

EVALUATION OF TRAINING EVENTS: Reservoir has spent years designing and refining proprietary evaluation systems for sophisticated training in areas that includes a variety of Military and Commercial training opportunities.

SUBJECT MATTER INCLUDES: Executive Communications | Force Protections Courses | Law Enforcement & Security Training | Interpreter Validation & Certification | Personnel Recovery and Network Training | Project Management | Cultural Engagement Team Training | Cultural Immersion Training | Ethics Training

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