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OPFOR Role Players

We are looking for OPFOR candidates, preferably NJ or PA residents, with prior U.S. military and/or appropriate tactical weapons experience, as well as, strong communications skills. Personnel assigned under this contract must be physically fit to conduct basic infantry tasks, to include running in all terrains, climbing over obstacles, and carrying up to 60lbs of military gear in inclement weather conditions during all seasons. OPFOR candidates perform role player duties in an austere environment with limited infrastructure (including running water, power, HVAC etc.) Our role players may be used in urban/mounted operations training and may be shot at, using blank-firing weapons or dye-marking cartridges (SIMFX or ultimate training marker UTM, or paintball).

Special Skilled Role Players

To enhance the rotational experience with realistic, relevant characters that provide information, intelligence, and complexity to a variety of civilian, military, and paramilitary training exercises, we are continuously widening our pool of special skilled individuals. Candidates must have active SECRET security clearance or higher and a background in ASOT, DATT/SDO, and/or CIA/FTC.

ASOT Level II and Level III SMEs

Candidates must have experience in S-3 operations and be graduates of ASOTC, 5+ years experience assigned to SOF and possess a working knowledge of MSOS organization, structure, and mission. ASOT level II or level III instruction course and SOF leadership experience is a plus. Candidates must hold active SECRET security clearance or higher. We are looking for recently retired or separated Senior NCO or Officers who implemented ASOT in a combat zone/hostile fire area.


Candidates must have a minimum of three (3) years experience as a Full Spectrum SERE-C instructor at an approved DoD SERE School (e.g. Army, Navy, Air Force or other DoD approved Level C SERE program and must have graduated, be qualified and certified in accordance with service directives). HIGHLY preferred experience of three (3) years at a USSOCOM Full Spectrum SERE "C" Course (e.g. MARSOC, NSW, USAJFKSWCS). Must have active SECRET clearance.
Click here to apply, or send us your resume and DD214, please  include the job position title in the subject line of your cover letter.​​​​

Cultural Role Players

Our international role player team impersonates various indigenous people in a village, town, or other foreign locations and engage U.S. military trainees in real-life scenarios and situations. The location is a realistic village erected on a military training site designed to stimulate an actual overseas location.
The job type is temporary and at various military installations across the U.S. Role Players must speak Target Language, understand and speak English, and must be knowledgeable of cultural norms of their native country. We are looking for candidates with and without active DoD SECRET clearance.

Click here to apply, please include the job position title and language you speak in the subject line of your cover letter.


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